After reading James let’s focus on James’s teachings on the power of our speech

1. After reading James let’s focus on James’s teachings on the power of our speech. In the letter our speech is related to how we treat other people, especially the poor. It is important that our words and our actions be consistent. Explain what James says in these passages:
• James 1:19-20, 26
• James 3:1-18
• James 4:11-12
2. As you explain the passages, comment specifically on the imagery used in the passage. Look for imagery and metaphors that James uses to talk about language, or “the tongue.” Be as specific as possible. This is an important element in interpreting a biblical passage.
3. Close with a brief statement about what you learned personally from this reading of James.
Your writing assignment is to write an essay that addresses these two issues (what James says and what imagery he uses) for the passage. Explain to me (or anyone who might read it) the power of language according to this book of the New Testament.
Grading will be based on
1 Focus and accuracy– Does the student remained focused on literary analysis of the passages? Do the answers accurately explain the details of the passages? Do the answers address the questions accurately and with some depth? 60%
2 Argumentation – Does the student’s response answer the questions and support the student’s conclusion? Does the paper provide evidence for arguments? Does the author avoid unwarranted assumptions without recognition? Is the paper clearly organized in a logical manner with clear introduction and conclusion? 20%
3 Mechanics – Does the paper reflect edited American English grammar, spelling, etc.? 20%
Assignment Specifics:
This essay should be a minimum of 500 words. Paper should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font. Include a Title Page. Turn the assignment in as a Word document.