Background: The literature review builds the justification for the research question

Background: The literature review builds the justification for the research question. However, the research question and literature review justify the development of a research design to conduct the proposed work. Due to time constraints, you will not engage in your research project but propose a specific idea. The assignment aims to identify the data needed to answer the question and the method to answer the question.
Assignment: You will advance on your literature review assignment by attaching a research design that will identify the data you would need to collect, identify the dependent variables, independent variables, and control variables, and the research method to analyze the data. You should identify relevant hypotheses that you expect to find from analyzing the data and make an educated and supported guess as to your findings [though, do not fear being incorrect].
Guidelines: Your assignment should align with the following guidelines:
The paper should use Times New Roman font, in 12-point size, double-spaced formatting, with one-inch margins on all sides.
The paper should be not less than twenty double-spaced pages but not longer than twenty-five double-spaced pages.
You should have a cover page (not included in the page requirements), the revised version of your research question assignment and your literature review assignment (included in the page length), and reference page(s) (not included in the page requirements).
You must use American Psychological Association (APA) 7th Edition reference formatting with in-text citations and reference page(s).
Grading Rubric: The assignment is worth 175 points.
Data Collection – 90 points
30 points – The writer identifies specific data sources, either primary or secondary.