Based on what you have read from the Manifest Destiny and Indian Removal Article, the Ch. 12 Textbook, and ALL

Argumentative Essay Directions:(minimum 4 page answer required)(Pleasesee:theGradingCriteria/RubricforCapstoneEssayAssignmentsthatcanbefoundattheendofthisdocumentformorespecificanddetailedlistofthecriteriaIwillbegradingyouonfortheessays.)Prompt: Based on what you have read from the Manifest Destiny and Indian Removal Article, the Ch. 12 Textbook, and ALL the Capstone Instructional Sources, please answer BOTH of the following questionsin (at least) a4-page essay:DoyouthinkthatAmericahadthe”godgivenright”toexplore,settle,andconquerlandsoutWest,aswasthepremisewithManifestDestiny?—whyorwhynot?Additionally,duringthe”ManifestDestiny”period,doyouthinkwhathappenedtotheIndigenoustribesoutWestshouldbeconsideredGenocide?–whyorwhynot?•Inansweringthesequestions,pleasestartyouressaybydiscussingthehistoricaleventssurroundingtheManifestDestinyperiod,andtheremovalofIndigenouspeoples.•Be specific and detailed as possible including all relevant names, dates, places and events. •In answering thesequestions,PLEASE–make sure your argument is based on theFACTSpresented in BOTH the Article, Textbook, and Instructional Sources, and not just baseless opinion.•Essay should include a well reasoned, thought-out answer, with proper source citation, facts to back up argument and a conciseintroductionandconclusion.•InanArgumentativeEssay,you have to investigate thetopic/question; collect, generate, and evaluate evidencethrough the provided Capstone Sources; and establish a position on the topic.•WithanArgumentativeEssay,it’snotenoughtojustsummarizewhat’sintheArticles,Textbook,orvideos.Youneedtopickastance/sideregardingtheCapstone
CapstoneArgumentative Essay Assignment Directions-Guidelines, Requirements, and Grading Criteria-Ms. Sabin Hist 1301© Jodi L. Sabin, 20223questions/writingprompt,andyouneedtosupportthatstancethroughoutthepaperbycitingthesources.RequiredLength:Minimum Length:FOURpages.(12 pt. font, double spaced, 1” margins, Arial or TNR).•Any paper less than 4 pages will have points deducted for not meeting length requirements. You cannot cover all the required/expected content to meet the Rubric in less than 4 full pages. •Manipulations on the Font size, line spacing, or margin widths to artificially inflate the length of the paper will have points deducted for not meeting rubric requirements. Maximum Length:EIGHTpages. •Please do not go over the 8-page maximum length. First, that’s too much work, and it’s not necessary. Second, it shows a lack of editing skills. You need to be able to identify the most important topics and events, focus on those, and not just throw every little detail into these papers. Quantity does notequal quality and an excessively long paper does not equate to a good grade. Any paper going over 8pages will have points deducted for not following the length requirements.Hint: the “sweet spot” would be about 6pages.Six pages shows you’ve understood the material, but also have the ability to edit and identify only the most important topics and events from all the little details provided. Sources to be used for this assignment:AllrequiredsourcesforthisassignmentarealreadyintheWeek14CapstoneFolder:RequiredCapstoneReadings–•ManifestDestinyandIndianRemovalArticle•AmericanYawpTextbookCh.12ALL Content in theWeek 14“Required Instructional Capstone Sources” Folder–•SelectedInstructionalvideos/podcasts/Mini-Lecturesthathavebeenre-postedfromCh.12(I’ve already selected the relevant sources from Ch. 12 and postedthem in the Capstone Folder)•NewCapstoneVideos/Podcasts/Mini-Lectures