BHA370 Strategic Delivery of Healthcare Services (2023OCT09FT-1)

BHA370 Strategic Delivery of Healthcare Services (2023OCT09FT-1) 1/2

Module 3 – Case


Assignment Overview

As a healthcare professional, you have many tools that you can use for various projects. In strategic planning and delivery, strategic maps are often used to depict an organization’s or department’s strategy. In addition, they provide a process that aligns organizational targets and initiatives with a defined mission/vision and desired outcomes.

Case Assignment

In the Module 1 SLP assignment, you identified the mission and vision statement of your strategic plan. For this assignment, you are to take these statements and create a detailed strategic map. The strategic map will be included in the final submission of your strategic plan in the Module 4 SLP.

You can find an example of strategy maps and templates at A Complete Strategy Map Template (Including Examples)

Your strategy map must cover at least 4 of the following categories:

1. Clients

2. Financials

3. Internal Actions/Perspective

4. External Actions/Perspective

5. Possibility of Growth and/or Learning

6. Processes