Case : I am working as an electrnonics test engineer in the small company with s

Case : I am working as an electrnonics test engineer in the small company with staff of 15 people. The company is local here and is been around for more than 40 years now. Company’s product range comprises of electronics equipments suitable to used in emergency services, in idustries, in farming, fishing and marine industry, in hospitality and retail and also for satellite paging systems. Full range of products include handheld pagers, high/low power transmitter, recivers and transcivers also along with power amplifier, software support & maintaincence services. Comapny’s customer base ranges from austrlia to India to europe and america. Company has recently developed a new product called 30-90 low power tranciver with ethernet capabilty. My job is in the final product testing and assembling deparment and giving valuable feedback to the operations manger and the develpoment enigneers team to redesign the product if any faults.
Produce a written report (2000+ words) suitable for handing to a senior executive
in the organisation refering how to improve on the new product, what you think you can contribute for the new product’s marketing & sales and also company’s growth in future. You should identify the objectives (what do you want to
achieve?), the benefits, a summary of the effort required (especially any big things
that a manager needs to know), Include a risk management plan as a part of your
report. Refer to your risk and financial analysis. You should address the nine PMBOK knowledge areas
somewhere in your report. You also need to discuss the life-cycle of this product:
how many years will it last on the market, and what can be done when sales
eventually start declining.