For this assignment, you will practice all the things you have learned in this lesson in a “Mock Interview.”

Here’s what I want you to do: Write a meaningful reflection regarding what you learned from your mock interview.
Here’s how to do it: For this assignment, you will practice all the things you have learned in this lesson in a “Mock Interview.”
First, find a job description for an internship or job you would be interested in applying for. Look on Handshake, the newspaper, the Internet, or any other source we have discussed in previous lessons. Copy the job description and give (or email) it to the interviewer so they will know what position you are applying for. This will make the experience more authentic for you. You may want to review the suggested “Interview Questions for Mock Interview” (attached to order) so that the interviewer can ask and the readings in this lesson that suggest ways to answer common interview questions.
Second, show up for the mock interview (on time) with the person you previously arranged to interview you. Dress appropriately.
Third, I have provided a Mock Interview Evaluation (attached to order) which you should give to the interviewer. After the interview ask him/her to rate you on your performance and give suggestions on how you can improve. You will use this information in the below fifth step.
Fourth, be sure to send a thank-you note (either handwritten or emailed) to the interviewer.
Fifth, following the mock interview, submit your reflections on what you learned by responding to the following questions and submitting them in this assignment:
1. Who did you interview with and what is their job title?
2. What was most useful to you about this experience?
3. What was the most difficult question you were asked? Why?
4. What advice would you give to others preparing for an interview?
5. What advice or suggestions did the interviewers give you?
6. Name at least three (3) things you learned.
7. Name at least three (3) things that can be improved on for your next interview.
You may write your responses in essay format including responses to all question prompts, or you may respond to each question prompt individually. Be sure to respond to each question prompt thoughtfully and thoroughly (this requires at least 3-4 well-constructed statements for each question prompt).