HCMG 4901 Fall 23 Article Critique 2: Reviewing a Research Article—Qualitative Design

HCMG 4901 Fall 23 Article Critique 2: Reviewing a Research Article—Qualitative Design

In this assignment, learners will apply their knowledge of research methods to critically evaluate an assigned peer-reviewed research article. This assignment addresses the following course objective:

CO5: Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to choose relevant research articles to provide background information for a management study.

· MLO 9.7: The learner will be able to apply knowledge of research methods to critically evaluate the quality of healthcare management research literature.

· MLO 9.11: The learner will be able to utilize appropriate APA style citations in the documentation of evidence and ideas found in source documents.

The assigned article is attached in the Assignment box. The article assigned for this critique is:

Kusmaul, N., & Bunting, M. (2017). Perspectives on caregiving: A qualitative evaluation of certified nursing assistants. Geriatric Nursing, 38(2), 146-151. https://doi: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2016.09.004 Epub 2016 Oct 12

· This article critique is worth 7.0 course points. Please read the entire article before you start answering questions.

· Please completely answer all the questions below in a Word document . If there are several parts to a question, you must answer all parts to receive complete credit.

· For each answer, use parenthetical citation to cite the article, section of the article, and page number where you found the information in this article, e.g., (Kusmaul & Bunting, 2017, Discussion, p. 149). You will lose points if you do not include these in-text citations. Be sure that you cite the appropriate section and page number.

· Submit your Word document under the Article Critique 2 Assignment tab on D2L. It is due Tuesday, 11/21/23, at 11:59pm. This is an individual assignment to be completed without assistance from another person. Please contact me with any questions.


Questions 5-14 and selected hints are from the CASP Qualitative Checklist (Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (2018). CASP Qualitative Checklist. https://casp-uk.net/casp-tools-checklists/ ). Some modification has been made to the checklist hints for this assignment.