Intent: For Final Project 2, you are to discuss how two characters from two texts we read

6-7 pages, 12 pt. font, Times or Times New Roman, double space, but no wide margins.
Sept. 6: Assignment sheet for Final Project
Intent: For Final Project 2, you are to discuss how two characters from two texts we read after the Midterm Exam would offer a differing evaluation of a contemporary figure (political, social, religious or cultural leader/significant personality).
Remember, the focus of your essay is on how your chosen characters would evaluate a contemporary figure and NOT how you would evaluate that figure. In your conclusion, you may offer your own opinion, as to whether or not you agree with the evaluation.
Remember, too, that your essay needs a single focus, so think carefully about the two fictional characters you choose to evaluate the contemporary figure.
*Sources from which you must cite:
1) Two of our chosen texts from after the Midterm Exam: You must site (with relevant quotations) at least twice from these sources.
2) At least two articles from reliable sources about your contemporary figure.
You must site at least twice from at least each source to support your assertions about your contemporary figure. Make sure any sources you use to support your assertions about the contemporary figure are reliable. A viable source is a text whose author is an authority in the field, so you might have to do a little research about the author. An acceptable source is NOT a dictionary, encyclopedia, or general reference work. Good full text sources can be found on JSTOR (accessible through our library website) and there are several data bases from which you may find relevant references (again, through our website).
Essay breakdown: Make sure you create a unified essay and not two short essays tacked together!
Assertions and proof (quotations) from your chosen texts, discussing the particular point of views of the characters that you will be using: 3-4 pages.
Assertions and proof (citations from a reliable or multiple reliable sources) to show how your chosen contemporary figure would be evaluated by your chosen characters. This section would necessarily include quotations by and about your chosen contemporary figure. 3-4 pages:
Again, this essay is not about how you would evaluate this figure, but you might very well include your own opinion of your chosen figure, and/or your opinion of your chosen characters in your concluding paragraph.
You will be graded on the following:
1. a clear, focused thesis
2. a logical ordering of ideas
3. smooth transitions between ideas
4. nicely organized paragraphs (assertion; introduction of support; detailed support; explanatory sentence or sentences connecting your support to your thesis)
5. thorough development
6. correct grammar
7. diction (appropriate/correct word choice; interesting, varied vocabulary)
8. use of MLA style.
Note: You will need to use MLA style, so please review that (you can access
this at several different locations, including: