Marketing Case Analysis Paper Assignment COBU301 Principles of Marketing Instructions:

Marketing Case Analysis Paper Assignment
COBU301 Principles of Marketing

1. Choose one of the company cases below available from the course textbook, chapters 1~3.
• Video Case 1.1. Cruising to Success: The Tale of New Belgium Brewing
• Case 1.2. Dollar Shave Club: The Company for Men
• Video Case 2.1. BoltBus Offers Affordable Transportation for Tech-Savvy Consumers
• Case 2.2. Netflix Uses Technology to Change How We Watch Videos
• Case 3.2. Volkswagen Hits a Bump in the Road
2. Write a case analysis paper* covering the items below using the attached example paper as a guide.
*This is a SafeAssign assignment, which means that your assignment paper will be reviewed for plagiarism.
• Primary Marketing Issues and Problems: Comprehensively summarize the case and clearly identify the business issues/problems with thorough discussions and full understanding of the issues/problems indicated in the case.
• Case Discussion Questions: Answer the case discussion questions thoroughly with relevant marketing concepts/theories/examples from the previous chapters and provide comprehensive and clear development and evaluation of marketing/business solutions, and/or alternatives to resolve business problems discussed in the case.
• Marketing Strategy Recommendations: Present well-reasoned & insightful marketing strategy recommendations and implementation methods supported by comprehensive and reliable evidence and/or data for the company featured in the case.
• Current and Future Implications of the Recommended Marketing Ideas: Identify current as well as future implications and consequences of the recommendations/decisions you suggested.
• Maximizing Positive Marketing Outcomes: Thoroughly explain how the interrelationships between the different parts and functions of the company can maximize positive outcomes with customers and suppliers in a competitive market.. To cite sources, use the APA style (