Read and annotate The Book of Yaak chapters titled “Hot Lead,” “The Totem Pole,”

Explore the Yaak Valley Forest Council website.
Think: Think back over the entire book. What is Bass’s overall message or thesis? What is his purpose? What does he want you to do, think, and feel after reading these chapters? How do you know? What evidence does he use throughout the book to support that message and purpose? The book was published in 1996. How much of what he has written do you think still holds true? Do you think the arguments and concerns are still valid? Do his concerns still seem valid at the time of writing “In Praise of a Place” in 2014? What do you learn about his message and purpose through exploring the Yaak Valley Forest Council website?
Write: Write three paragraphs analyzing Bass’s message and purpose in both The Book of Yaak and “In Praise of a Place.”

1: Explain Bass’s thesis and the evidence he uses to support it. Explain Bass’s purpose and what he wants his readers to think, feel, and do after reading the book.
Paragraph 2: What elements of Bass’s arguments, evidence, or writing style are significant? Draw on the critical reading and thinking skills you have built throughout this semester; use your close reading, rhetorical analysis, synthesis, and persuasion skills to make your case.
Paragraph 3: What questions are you left with? What do you still need to find out more about? What topics would you research to answer those questions?