Respond to each by name with 100 words each Michael Finazzi IV:

Respond to each by name with 100 words each
Michael Finazzi IV:
2. There are many factors that make a difference in police management labor stated in Chapter 6 of Disorganized Labor: The Mutinous Side of Police Unions, but here are some that I found most impactful in no specific order,
1. The level of violence within the community.
2. Amount of police officers that are not part of the union.
3 Depending on how many members determines the strength and participation within the union
Samuel Murphy:
-The police chief and the union should be able to work together to solve any issues within the department. I understand that some police chiefs do not have steady relationship with the unions, but without the union their would probably be some problems within the organization that will probably be overlooked. The chief can only do so much, so with the help of the union they can point anything from workers (police) grievances, pay issues, equal rights and the list goes on.
Jazlynn Newcomb:
3. What should the relations between the police chief and the police union be?
-The chief of the police department has the day to day and strategy of police management. If the chief supports the policing strategy, it regulates the union and the service of the police. The police department always works better with community policing. The chief and union’s mission should be to ensure all sensitive issues are addressed and in working order.