Select a leader to profile in your written report. You may select one you admire

Select a leader to profile in your written report. You may select one you admire, or a “good example of a bad example.” There are numerous websites naming leaders to get you started. A quick search on “famous contemporary leaders” revealed millions of possible lists, OR you may select a leader in your personal or professional life: your boss, a coach, a team leader, etc.
Research your chosen leader, identifying evidence of his/her traits, styles, and leadership situations. Relate your findings to the module concepts. For example, how did your chosen leader demonstrate the trait of “desire to lead”? Prepare examples.
Write a five-paragraph essay profiling your chosen leader.
First, introduce your leader, and state why you selected him/her. Was their leadership effective or not effective?
Next, expand upon the traits and style of your leader, including at least three properly referenced and defined terms from the module reading. For example, if you select Drive, describe what the term means in the context of leadership and how your leader demonstrates it.
Next, describe the leadership situation your chosen leader was in, using one of the Situational Leadership Models from the module reading. For example, if your leader was charged with a group of new or low-competence employees, did they use the Selling style prescribed by Ken Blanchard?
Finally, conclude with a short description of your personal leadership style and how effective it has been for you to date.
In addition to the text, you are encouraged to research your topic using reliable and properly cited Internet resources using APA format. See the APA Citation Help Module for assistance.