Social justice and social justice education are interlaced with Paulo Freire’s

Social justice and social justice education are interlaced with Paulo Freire’s Critical Pedagogy as
a process and a goal of a full and equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually
shaped to meet their needs. Freire asserts the humanist educator’s responsibility in participant’s
learning “must coincide with those of the students to engage in critical thinking and the quest for
mutual humanization” (Freire, 1993, p. 75) due to their connection to something more significant
than the self. Social justice education demands the formation of social agents who develop a sense
of social responsibility toward and with others and the society as a whole.
Within the framework of social justice education, you are asked as teacher to facilitate the struggle
of your students to define the notion of social justice and to understand its role within the society.
To accomplish this goal, find a photo/painting, sculpture etc. or take a photograph or create a
design that could facilitate -as a powerful tool of social representation- your student’s thinking on
social justice, understanding of social justice and speaking (literally or metaphorically) about
social justice.
Justify your choice of the photo/image/design/painting/sculpture etc. by explaining which
representation of social justice is achieved (e.g. social justice as fairness, as opportunity, as unity,
as support, as hope etc.). Then, describe the didactic process that will be used in classroom in order
to raise the students’ awareness on social justice through its use (1.200-1.500 words (+10%)
(EXCLUDING references and bibliography, APA style).