Staff members from the marketing department of your firm are doing a splendid job

ON PG 1:
Discuss the following scenario:
Staff members from the marketing department of your firm are doing a splendid job selling products to customers. Many of the customers are so pleased that they are also buying shares in the company’s stock, which means that they receive a copy of the firm’s annual report. Unfortunately, questions sometimes arise that the marketing staff members are woefully inadequate at answering. Technical questions about the firm’s financial condition and performance are referred to the chief financial officer, but the director of marketing has asked you to write a memo in which you explain the key elements in an annual report so that marketing representatives are better prepared to respond to questions of a more general nature.
Write a clear, concise memo (no more than 250 words) that describes the contents of an annual report so marketing personnel can understand the basic requirements of an annual report. Reference listed reading to help organize and explain your thoughts.
In addition, answer the following questions:
Do you think all marketing staff members should be equipped to speak with the public about the firm’s financial matters?
What are some of the benefits of improving employee financial literacy?
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Chapter 1: What Are Financial Statements and How Can You Use Them?
ON PG 2:
Write at least a 200 word summary identifying Amazon, summarizing why you selected it(Employed here would like to know more about my investment), and explaining the items that a financial analyst might find useful within its Annual Report.
Additionally, read the Forbes article: “12 Lessons from the Warby Parkers Annual Report.” and explain which of these 12 lessons may apply to Amazon.
Crooks, R. (2014, January). 12 lessons from Warby Parker’s annual report Links to an external site.. Forbes. Retrieved from