Students should work to FULLY develop an organizational problem that could be related to motivation.

Students should work to FULLY develop an organizational problem that could be related to motivation. Then, each student will write about Reinforcement Theory to diagnose the cause of the problem. Finally, students should develop a solution to the problem based on the components of the process theory selected.
The case study should be 5 pages [12pt Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 1″ margins] in length: 1 page describing the organizational problem, 2 pages describing the theory and diagnosing the cause of the problem, and 2 pages for the proposed solution.
Detailed Instructions for Case Study 2
The purpose of the case study is to take a motivational theory and apply it to the world of work / organizational life to solve a real (or imagined) problem. You will select a concept from the material related to the course that interests you and you can apply to a work situation that you have experienced, are aware of, or can invent. Specifically, your task for the case study is to take a problem and describe how you, in the role of consultant or manager, would solve the problem:
1- Students will describe a work / organizational problem in detail. The problem selected can vary widely but should be rooted in issues related to employee motivation. With that being stated, you are to select one clear, specific, and substantial organizational problem as the basis of your paper. This problem must be sufficiently explained as it will serve as the foundation of the paper.
2- Each student will diagnose the cause of the problem presented in terms of ONE process theory of motivation (Reinforcement Theory). Specific components of the theory must be used to diagnose the underlying causes of the problem (i.e., why are workers not motivated).
Within this section, fully describe the theory and all relevant concepts of the theory. Be sure to cite any references (e.g,. textbook). Adequately describe the overall theory as well as concepts relevant to your organizational problem. Your description should be detailed enough to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the principles of the theory.
3- Explain how they would use the theory selected to solve the organizational problem described. This should be the most substantial section of your paper. You must explain exactly how you would use the theory to implement changes or initiatives in the organization to solve the problem described. For example, rather than stating that you would “set goals” to enhance motivation, you would need to design a comprehensive plan describing how you would implement a goal setting process based on the components of Goal Setting Theory.