Students will be expected to identify public relations events occurring in the “real world.”

Students will be expected to identify public relations events occurring in the “real world.” These can range from local organizations and businesses attempting to build relationships with the community to large scale campaigns designed to create relationships with national/international constituencies.

These short papers (2-3 pages, double-spaced, normal font, 750-800 words) will include a brief summary of the campaign, links to concepts discussed in the class, and an informed evaluation of the campaign’s quality. NOTE: As we have covered additional content since your first PR Response paper, try to integrate some of that additional content from recent chapters we’ve looked at in your analysis. Please select a different PR item to respond to than the one you selected for your first paper.
Structure: Try to select a something that a company or organization is doing for PUBLIC RELATIONS (i.e. to connect with the public; not necessarily just a commercial or marketing campaign). After figuring out what campaign or project you want to write about, you will probably want to research it a little (by looking at the organization’s website, etc.). You should summarize this information and explain the campaign/project/event in about one page (double spaced, normal font). Next, try to link it with some concepts we have looked at in class. You should explain and underline the specific course concepts you see in the campaign/project/event. For example, if you are looking at a campaign that makes people feel special/good for buying something, you could talk about how a function of PR is to provide meaning for stakeholders and explain this (note how this was in bold). Again, this will probably take about a page and should include a variety of course concepts we’ve explored.