The purpose of the ePortfolio is to document your learning in the RN to BSN program.

The purpose of the ePortfolio is to document your learning in the RN to BSN program. At the end of each course your progress will be verified through submission of the ePortfolio artifact/reflection assignment. In NSG 4850 you will submit your complete ePortfolio which demonstrates your achievement of the Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs), General Education Competencies (GECs), and Baccalaureate Essentials.
For each nursing course in the RN to BSN program, you will upload at least one required artifact to your ePortfolio. The required artifact will be assigned by faculty and identified in the course syllabus. Along with the required artifact, students may also select additional course artifacts to demonstrate achievement of outcomes. For the required artifact, you will complete a Reflection Document analyzing how the assignment demonstrates achievement of the identified PSLO/GEC/Essential.

Reflection Criteria:

In the Reflection Document, begin by reviewing the three sets of standards that form the foundation of your RN to BSN program: the Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs), the General Education Competencies (GECs), and the BSN Essentials. Next, select at least one item from each of the three standard sets (PSLOs, GECs, and BSN Essentials) that correlates with the required artifact.

In your reflection, do not focus on the entire course as a whole. Instead, focus your reflection on the knowledge, skills and attitudes associated with creating the required course artifact. There is no maximum number of PSLOs, GECs, and BSN Essentials you must select.

However, at minimum, you are required to choose one PSLO, one GEC, and one BSN Essential (along with the specific outcomes related to the BSN Essential) that relate to your course artifact. Answer the questions at the end of the Reflection Document to explain/reflect/discuss/analyze how creating the course artifact helped you to demonstrate the PSLO(s), the GEC(s) and the Essential(s) you selected.