This essay is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of intersectionality.

This must contain—as a bare minimum—4 peer-reviewed academic sources (that are NOT class readings). These sources MUST be available from UBC Library. If the item is not available from the UBC library, it will not be recorded as a peer-reviewed academic source.
Purpose: This essay is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of intersectionality. Your essay will address the topic of your proposal, and will be 1250–1500 word research essay.
Assignment Directions
Your essay will be worth 15% of your final grade.
It is due 2 December (11:59 PM Vancouver time)
Be 1250—1500 words (5-6 pages)
Follow MLA format for in-text citations and Works Cited
Be an argumentative research essay—with a strong thesis statement and containing an adequate number of relevant peer-reviewed academic sources from UBC library to support your argument sufficiently.
oThe number of articles/chapters/texts required is the number that you need to cover the topic thoroughly and create an argument that reflects a depth of understanding. The minimum is 4 scholarly articles NOT included in the course readings.
oYour argument should not be a parroting of another author’s or authors’ opinion(s). Research should support your argument, not constitute your argument.
oPlease review your previous short writing assignments, the rubric for this assignment, the “Must Read for all Assignments”, and the essay checklist before submitting your assignment.
This is a longer version of the same sort of academic writing (researched argument) that you have done earlier this semester. It should be a focussed and logical argument that responds directly to the assigned topic.
Your essay will be arguing WHY the intersection of race and gender is OR is not important to understanding ONE of the texts (Abbott #1, Mister Loverman, or BETTY: The Helen Betty Osborne Story) read this semester.
The essay will be an academic research essay, properly cited using MLA style for in-text and Works Cited.
The essay will present sufficient evidence to support a clear and focused thesis.
oAt least 4 relevant academic sources (not in the assigned readings) will be used to support your argument.
oPlease do NOT cut & paste large portions of your proposal into the assignment.
Your proposal is the ‘launch pad’ for the essay–the assignment should go well beyond what is established in the proposal.
Please submit your assignment in either PDF or doc. format (pages and google docs do not work well, and text box entry does not allow you to format properly).
Here is some very good advice on essay writing from Harvard