TOPIC 1. Ross Gay and representations of the body in confrontation


TOPIC 1. Ross Gay and representations of the body in confrontation
Your paper should include analysis and quotes from any two poems by Ross Gay and TWO techniques of poetic analysis.

Focus on some overlapping or intersecting common themes, style or concerns, but there can be differences that you also point out. To cite short lines or phrases from a poem, put them in quote marks and cite the line number and short title (Gay, Needful, 4). If you paraphrase, you must still use in-text citation.
THE FOCUS OF THIS PAPER: how the speaker in the poems draws attention to their body as well as the body of another (antagonist) plant, law enforcement, legal, national (literal, or a figurative or symbolic body). You may focus also on race, gender and social class.
How do the tensions between different bodies create meaning and surprise in these poems? How does the speaker draw attention to physical and emotional struggle? Compare and contrast techniques, language, and styles in two poems by Ross Gay.

Draw on TWO poetic techniques that help you to understand the poems and the situation. You may discuss how relevant the poems are to what is happening recently.
You are required to cite TWO research articles (secondary sources) using MLA STYLE in text and Works Cited and can draw from the following;
1. a scholarly essay on “writing the body” in poetics or literature or from a race, gender, and/or social class position;

2. a scholarly article on the poetry or an interview with Ross Gay. How does this background information help you to understand the poems you analyze (do not just repeat biographical information);
3. a newspaper or historical account of the topic as related to the people mentioned in the poems (Garner, Diallo), #Blacklivesmatter or related to racial profiling that helps you think about how poets are influenced by news and how poets make it powerfully their own and enhance the news;
4. A scholarly article focused on style, poetic technique, voice, or social issues in poetry.
The two poems I’ll be using are Pulled Over in Short Hills, NJ, 8:00 AM. By Ross Gay and the other poem is A Small Needful Fact by Ross gay