-Which STDs are most common among teens?

Create at least 10 powerpoint slides answering the following questions:
-Which STDs are most common among teens?
-In what states is the incidence of STDs high and low?
-What factord may cintribute to these statistics?
-Why are adolescents especially susceptible to STDs?
-What information do teens need in order to reduce this risk?
1: Prepare a powerpoint presentation that you would use in your 8th grade health class.
2; You will create at least10 slides with information covering the above questions.
3: Use your textbook and google searches to find information on STds appropriate to share with middle schoolers.
4: Ensure that your powerpoint is engaging and lively. You want to make sure not to scare children but to inform them.
Grading Criteria
Maximum points are given when:
– Detailed description of each question above on finding quality childcare (15 points for each item)
– Must have at least 10 slides (10 points)
– Powerpoint slides need to be colorful, engaging and lively (5 points)