Write a 2 page essay on how COVID has been handled in 3 countries: use the United States as your first country,

Part 1:
1. Write a 2 page essay on how COVID has been handled in 3 countries: use the United States as your first country, one other industrialized country and 1 non-industrialized country. The type of health organizations in each country must be included but you can also research things such as insurance issues, awareness and/or educational campaigns, and any statistical differences in ages, races, or political leanings. You do NOT have to include all of these ideas—just include whatever you find interesting for your 2 pages of prose.
2. Toward the end of your paper, make sure to label a paragraph called Conclusion. In the conclusion, discuss which countries had the best organized programs to keep people safe and add any ideas you might think of to help the populace accept modern science and medicine.
3. Your essay should be written in APA format, but you do not need an Abstract page. Make sure that you include a title page, double-space the paper, use one (1) inch margins, and use a twelve (12) point font. The website below gives APA tips!
https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.htmlLinks to an external site.
4. Review your essay for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting it.
5. Do NOT copy and paste (plagiarize) in this essay. Use your own words. If you want to quote a small portion of text, you may do so, but you must include both in-text citations and a references page.
Part 2:
1. In the above 3 countries, compare the health initiatives and death rates in the 3 countries
2. Using Microsoft Word, create a bar chart displaying the data you collected. Be sure that your statistics are expressed as percentages or as a death rate per X number of people. You cannot use raw numbers to compare death rates among countries with different populations.
3. Be sure to give your chart a title. You must also label each axis.
How to Create a Bar Chart:
1. You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.
2. Create a New document, then click on “Insert” (3rd tab from the left)
3. Click on “Chart”. This will give you several options. Click on “Bar” and use the first chart sample on the left.
4. Enter the data you collected into the spreadsheet. You will need to rename the categories and series that appear by default.
5. Name your bar chart at the top.
6. You can also use Excel or Google Sheets to create your bar chart.
Goals For This Essay—The Four College Student Learning Outcomes are:
1. Critical Thinking 1—Generate and communicate ideas by combining, changing or reapplying existing information.
2. Communication Skills 1—Develop, interpret, and express ideas through written communication.
3. Empirical and Quantitative Skills 2—Manipulate and analyze observable facts and arrive at an informed conclusion.
4. Social Responsibility—Engage in regional, national, and global communities.