Your team has been asked to complete a review of your office. You know that Tom manages the office.

Scenario: Case Study
Your team has been asked to complete a review of your office. You know that Tom manages the office. Tom has served the Social Security Administration as a manager for 16 years and is known in office administrative circles to be a fun manager. He often uses foul language laced with sexual metaphors in addressing his employees. He sometimes tells sexually-oriented “dirty” jokes as what he calls a morning ice breaker. Karen laughs at the jokes while Brian finds them disgusting and voices his disgust. He often communicates with people speaking in close proximity. You have noticed that Tom routinely invades the personal space of new interns. Tom is also known to touch members of his office physically. You walked into the office late one evening and noticed Tom standing behind Julie, massaging Julie’s shoulders as she was typing. You have noticed office members comment that Carol does not like to work alone with Tom. She avoids coming into the office when Tom is the only one there. You have also realized office member Betty has commented that she has discovered Tom watching sexually-oriented videos on his office laptop computer. You overheard Betty tell another colleague that Tom invited her to a swingers club last month. Last week Sarah said that Tom tripped while getting up from his office chair and fell on her grasping her body as he fell.
Present a slide covering basic points of law as it applies to sexual harassment.
Present a slide covering key points of your team’s advice in steps going forward.
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